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Grafik beyondPRO und Alex Kukla

Delivering high performance through Regeneration.

beyondRED® - treat sports and muscle injuries simply, quickly and effectively.



The beyondRED® PRO - High Energy LED can be used to treat various sports and muscle injuries quickly, effectively and easily. The handling of the device is very user-friendly and extremely flexible due to its mobile applicability.

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beyondRED® PRO – High Energy LED

Possible fields of treatment

  1. Muscle strain (distension)
  2. Bruise (contusion)
  3. Effusion (Hematoma)
  4. Achilles tendon syndrome (Achillodynia)
  5. Scaly skin (psoriasis)
  6. Bone pain (ostealgia)
  7. Shin Splint Syndrome
  8. Muscle pain (myalgia)
  9. Inflammation of the tendon (tendinitis)
beyondRED® PRO – High Energy LED

Convincing advantages

  1. Non-invasive treatment approach
  2. 10W power
  3. Short application time (5-7min. per area)
  4. Clinically confirmed mode of action
beyondRED® PRO Low Level Lasertherapie Schulter

beyondRED® PRO

Product data and facts

  • IR-A wavelengths of 810 and 940 nanometers (ratio 50/50)
  • 5 adjustable continuous wave power levels
  • Max. 10W optical power
  • 356 g weight
  • Certified according to IEC 60601-1-11:2015
  • Complies with the requirements of EN 60601
  • Compact design and low weight
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Safe to transport in shockproof case
  • Classification of the medical device according to the directive 93/42/EWG: IIb
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beyondRED® AIR

Give your legs a break with the beyondRED® AIR. The Recovery Boots offer a combination of regeneration and intermittent pneumatic compression that boosts your circulation and refreshes your legs. Choose from different pressure settings and enjoy a gentle massage. Ideal after intensive training or long working days for optimal recovery of your leg muscles.

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beyondRED® GUN

The beyondRED® GUN is the perfect massage gun for your sports bag. Its light and compact design makes it the perfect gadget for your regeneration. Whether before or after a workout, you are optimally prepared for every muscle group thanks to its 4 massage attachments and 4 adjustable levels.

Our application recommendations as well as further data about our beyondRED® GUN - massage gun can be found here.

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Would you like to use the beyondRED® PRO in your practice?

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